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Important note for non-licensed persons

ANY athlete who participates without a valid triathlon license must take a day license from Triathlon Flanders. This must be purchased through 3ntrance to register for a competition. This license is valid for a long time and can be used for multiple competitions. More info can be found here.

Collection of registration and time registration athletes

The secretariat is located in the Loods of the Knoet! This is the only place where one can be helped with the back number, chip, chip band, .... The registration and the swim start are far apart, so be on time in the Loods.

The secretariat is open from 6 am and closes at 8 am for 1/8th & 1/16th and closes at 8h45 for the 1/3rd competition.


Swimming Cycling Running Start time
Plastriathlon 1/8 individually 750m 27km 5km 09h00
Plastriathlon 1/8 Trios 750m 27km 5km 09h00
Start To Triathlon 230m 11km 1,75km 09h15
Hageland Power Triathlon individually 1500m 60km 15km 09h45
Hageland Power Triathlon Trios 1500m 60km 15km 09h45

Registration fee from 1/12/2018

Licensed Not Licensed
Plastriathlon individually 25 euro 37 euro
Plastriathlon Trio 45 euro 57 euro
Start To Triathlon - 10 euro
Hageland Powertriathlon individually 70 euro 90 euro
Hageland Powertriathlon Trio 80 euro 100 euro

KBC 734 - 0139932 - 67
IBAN BE93 7340 1399 3267
Triathlon Aarschot KBC Bank Aarschot, Grote markt 13, 3200 Aarschot

Registration fee from 30/04/2019

Licensed Not Licensed
Plastriathlon individually 30 euro 42 euro
Plastriathlon Trio 45 euro 57 euro
Start To Triathlon - 10 euro
Hageland Powertriathlon individually 80 euro 100 euro
Hageland Powertriathlon Trio 90 euro 110 euro

KBC 734 - 0139932 - 67
IBAN BE93 7340 1399 3267
Triathlon Aarschot KBC Bank Aarschot, Grote markt 13, 3200 Aarschot


Because we want to treat everyone fairly and equally, without putting our organization in trouble, we want to keep the following rules regarding repayments.
We will pay a full refund of the registration fee without medical certificate until 30 June, with a doctor's certificate until 7 July. Thereafter no refund is possible. We can then still give a participation for next year. In order to carry out the refund, we need the following details from you:


The competition follows the rules of Triathlon Flanders

FOLLOW IN THE BIKE (blue card) and BLOCKING (yellow card) is prohibited, the following fines were provided:

Plastriathlon 1/8: 1 min penalty box (blue car)
10 sec penalty box (yellow car)
Hageland Powertriathlon 1/3: 5 min penalty box (blue car)
30 sec penalty box (yellow car)

After receiving a card, the athlete must present himself to the penalty box. The penalty box is located at the exit of the 2nd change zone.

Overview facilities race

Faciliteiten wedstrijd
The different facilities of the race.

Transition areas

There are two transition areas: one after swimming, on the domain "Ter Heide" in Rotselaar and one on the Elisabethlaan behind the Knoet in Aarschot (transition cycling-walk).

The transition area at the Elisabethlaan is open from 07 a.m. Here the athletes place their running shoes before leaving for the swim start. In this transition area, a plastic container should preferably also be placed (without markings, dimensions max. L45 x B35 x D25). A plastic container that does not meet these conditions is not allowed. The referees of the federation keep a close watch on this!

The transition area at the swim start for the 1/8th and the 1/16th is open from 07.00, the 1/3rd opens from 8 o'clock. The athletes receive a numbered plastic bag at registration. Here they have to put all their material (wetsuit, swimming cap, swimming goggles) after swimming and this is then transported by the organization to the transition area on the Elisabethlaan.

The transition areas on the Elisabethlaan

Transport to the swim start.

There is a shuttle service (by Toptours) to transport the athletes with their bikes as well as supporters to the swim start. We encourage everyone to use this. The buses for the athletes and supporters leave at the Pastoor Dergentlaan, in front of the Loods (Knoet) at 07.30 am, at 08 am and at 08.30 am.

After the swim test the last bus brings the supporters back to the Knoet. This bus leaves at 10h30 at the De Meander car park.

The organization can not be held responsible for any damage caused to the bicycles during bus transport.

Dressing rooms and sanitary

From 10 am to 4 pm athletes can use the changing rooms of the Stedelijk Sportcentrum Aarschot, on the Demervalei (Demervallei 8, Aarschot). At the swim start there are changing rooms and sanitary facilities available.


View here the detail of the swimming, cycling and running course


Routes to Aarschot :


Aarschot, Rotselaar and surroundings, located in the Flemish Brabant Hageland, are definitely worth a weekend stay. Certainly if one has to cover a greater distance and one likes to appear fresh at the start of the race, it might be an idea to spend the night in the area.

Below is a list of places where you can stay perfectly to make the triathlon trip a successful weekend:

For a savory meal before or after the game you can go to the world cuisine of 'Eetkafee'.