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Duathlon Aarschot - results

The results: http://results.myvtdl.be/bigevent?bigevent=421

More updates in de next days.

18 July 2021

Duathlon Aarschot - main changes

The most important adjustments for DUATHLON Aarschot tomorrow are shown in the picture below.

The briefing was sent to all participants by email around 2.30pm.

17 July 2021

Triathlon Aarschot becomes DUATHLON

Best participants,
Het fietsparcours tussen de zwemsite en Aarschot centrum staat momenteel nog steeds over honderden meters volledig onder water. Hierdoor zijn we genoodzaakt van onze wedstrijd nu zondag een duathlon te maken. The cycling track between the swimming site and Aarschot centre is currently still completely under water over hundreds of metres. Because of this we are forced to make our race a duathlon this Sunday.

Start and arrival will be in Aarschot centre.

We will send a new briefing as soon as possible. Also follow our Facebook page Triathlon Aarschot further for more updates.

And finally, our explicit thanks to the city of Aarschot, the Aarschot police and the municipality of Rotselaar for thinking creatively with us, despite the water disaster.

Please share as much as possible so that we can reach all those concerned.

17 July 2021

Triathlon - update

Despite the fact that it has stopped raining, the level of the Demer remains critical. Because of the continuing inflow from tributaries, brooks and reservoirs, the level will not drop quickly.

We are still in consultation with all the authorities. The ultimate decision whether it will be triathlon or duathlon will therefore only be taken on Saturday.

16 July 2021

Briefing Sunday's race

The briefing for Sunday's race is available.

Click on the link below or copy the link into your browser

Be sure to go through this briefing beforehand so that there are no surprises on Sunday.

Good luck now Sunday.

Sporting greetings

Aarschots Triathlon Team

14 July 2021

Course exploration on 7, 10 and 13 July

Under supervision we explore the course of triathlon Aarschot 2021. You can join in at the following moments:

We foresee to be at the surf zone in Rotselaar (Vakenstraat 70, 3130 Rotselaar) half an hour after departure. You can also join us there.

You can still register via

28 June 2021

Retrospective Triathlon Aarschot 2019

Just under 4 weeks to go for the 2021 edition!!!! Registrations are now running smoothly. Time to look back at the last pre-Corona race, in 2019. To get excited about!!!!! Registration is still possible for the short and the longer distance, as well as for the "start-to".

20 June 2021

Updates via Facebook

Follow our Facebook page Triathlon Aarschot for the latest news/updates/photos afterwards... about the race.

20 June 2021

REGISTRATIONS Triathlon Aarschot 2021 OPEN

The preparations for Triathlon Aarschot 2021 are going smoothly. Register now if you want to experience a sporting highlight in the beautiful and challenging Hageland on Sunday 18 July 2021. All details about the race can be found at www.aatt.be. Registration is done via the platform of Triathlon Flanders - 3Vl. .

Please use this link: http://bit.ly/RegistrationsTriathlonAarschot2021

Naturally, we hope for a summer without worries, but in any case, we will organise our event entirely according to the measures in place at the time. If the pandemic does not evolve favourably and the event is cancelled due to corona, we guarantee a full refund of your registration.

But let's be positive and keep the 'keep moving' action going until summer. Sign up for our triathlon taster, the start-to-triathlon competition, the always exciting 1/8th Plastriathlon or the heavy 1/3rd Hageland Powertriathlon! If necessary, gather your friends and participate as a trio.

If you have acquired a taste for it, you can also take part in the Triathlon Nations Cup 2021 and do a full triathlon in 3 stages of 1/3rd distance each. On 26 June in Oud Gastel (NL), on 18 July in Aarschot and on 29 August in Viersel. You can find the details on www.triathlonnationscup.com. To be officially included in the participants list, please send an e-mail to registration@triathlonnationscup.com . You also need to register individually in each race.

In the meantime, keep exercising and keep it healthy and safe!
Train well!
AArschots Triathlon Team

17 January 2021